Poetry Volumes: Memories May Fade

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If heart break is the path to freedom
Then surely my heart can rest
If hating you is easy
This test I cannot pass
If hating me is easy
Then this game should surely end
I don’t want the memories
You can take them all back
You’ve changed, I’ve changed
All I feel is your hate
Your anger stifling the air
My dreams will always be
Of a kinder you,
And a different me
If heartbreak is the path to freedom
I’m surely on my way
Because these memories may fade

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Poetry Volumes: My Hazelnut Tree

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Is it too much to say that I’ve cried,
That I’ve broken down
That I swallowed my pride to ask God why
Each day that goes by
You guide me, wrapped in your loving arms
An echo of the warmth that once surrounded us all
You will live on with every breath that we take
Your memory will stay fresh with every beat of our heart
In my heart you will always stay
Forever unmoving in that special place
My Hazelnut Tree
My everything
My hero
My shelter
My strength,
My mother

RIP Mirta Oharriz
September 30, 1950 – September 16, 1993

Celtic Zodiac Tree – Hazelnut


E-BOOK By Yours truely

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So with all these thoughts racing in my head, and the stories dancing around in my imagination, I’ve decided to partner up with a great friend to write our first eBook.

It will be available on Amazon, Google and Smashwords once it’s published.

And I’ll definitely be leaving you guys with a couple of snippets of the story as well as some of my own solo projects!!

So stay tuned for more deets

Poetry Volumes: Untitled (Changed)

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You’re changing again; to a stranger I’ve never met. A stranger I’d like to forget.
Your changing again, your selfishness is stifling me, your words infuriating me.
I’m changing; to a stranger I wish I’d never met.
A lost soul wandering and hoping for a reprieve, hoping for the day to start a new.
My anger attacking you….
We’ve changed
Lies, surrounding me.
Your ignorance is blinding me.

Do you care? Can you notice your lies swirling thick in the air?
I can’t breathe; I can’t bring myself to move not until I hear the truth.

Your words, your actions cut worse than knives, burn worse than the hottest flame.
Your cigarette stained lips.
Deception in the air, your promise ringing in my ears.

Do you even realize you’re doing, you’ve done the one thing you swore you’d never do…
You’re hurting me because it’s convenient for you.

So keep grasping that handful of sand, and let the only solid things you had go…
All for your precious little thrills.

The weather’s changed, and we’ve changed.
It matches the chill in your heart and the ice now in mine….

Just tell me this, was it truly worth it.

Quote 1: Volumes

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If eyes are the pathway to the soul, then yours speak volumes and tell a story centuries old…

-Tiffany M. Oharriz

The Art Deco Welcome Center Blogs Prt. 1

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Take A VIP Tour!!!10/25/2011
I’ve got another amazing tour for all you animal lovers visiting our beautiful city, The Jungle Island VIP Tour. Have you ever had the pleasure of meeting a baby Kangaroo, a lemur, a tortoise over 150lbs? Now, I can say I have. Well, you can do all of that and more on the VIP tour, and lunch is included too. Did you know that lemurs squeak like a dog’s chew toys when rubbed or that they are a matriarchal society meaning ‘King Julian’ from the children’s movie Madagascar should have been ‘Queen Juliet’? Well, turns out neither did I!

My day started with a drive to Jungle Island, were I had a 10 am appointment with Ana, our go to lady for all our Jungle Island material. Not long after she introduced me to our tour guide, Ryan, son to linda Jacobs. Many of you might remember them for their debut on Simple Life, alongside Peanut and Pumpkin, the two baby orangutans. I got to meet them! While I did not get up close and personal with the now grown Peanut and Pumpkin, I did learn a bit about how those beauties communicate, and let me say the experience was nothing less than magical.

Ryan continued our tour by taking us to one of the shows available, where we had the options to hold a baby alligator (which of course I did) and an extremely long albino burmese python. The tour was absolutely amazing, from start to finish, the baby joeys were adorable as well, standing as tall as an adult male when on their hind legs or as short as a 3 year old child. The Castleberry (Australia’s most dangerous animal was not only beautiful and fascinating but absolutely terrifying. I happily got a once in a lifetime experience when I was able to touch the fluffy collar of a condor, as legend has it, it brings you luck and great fortune (let’s just hope that’s true!)

I’d have to say my favorite part was definitely the lemur encounter, which is an unforgettable experience on its own. (priced at $45 + tax per person) it can be done on its own after entrance to the park is purchased. Those cute little furry beady eyed sweethearts were definitely my most memorable experience at the park. They literally jump all over you for some cuddly love.

My suggestion, don’t do much to your hair before hand, because those little guys are big fans of jumping and sitting on heads.

The VIP price is $240 per adult (ages 11+) and $120 per child (ages 3-11) and while that may seem a bit pricey, I’d say not really, compared to everything you gain and experience on this tour. So start saving those pennies and come on over to the Art Deco Welcome Center to take your VIP Tour today.

-Tiffany M. Oharriz
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A Segway Tour Update!08/09/2011
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So here’s the update I promised you on all things Segway! The Segway invented by Dean Kamen launched in 2001, this product now has 300 dealers and 1,000 tours worldwide, including the ones right here in Miami Beach. A month has passed since you last heard anything segway and now this tour finally kicked off at the price of $59, with a summer and a winter schedule. As of now (summer) the tour leaves at 11am, 2 pm and 5pm and during the winter the tour leaves at 10am, 1pm and 4pm.

The tour is first and foremost all about YOUR SAFETY not their wallets, which is a breath of fresh air. The mantra is “safety first” and they prove it with a series of steps to ensure customer safety. The first step to good safe fun is a quick video explaining the ins and outs of your Segway PT rental, the second step is a hands on demonstration of the Segway which includes execution, emergency stop, key Segway features such as the shake, emergency shutdown, signs of speeding and so on. But the most important feature to these segways in the InfoKey, Don’t take an unnecessary risk, please make sure whatever Segway you choose to rent, that it does in fact have one! Just to be clear, you wouldn’t drive your car without a fuel gauge or your speedometer right? Well riding a Segway without and InfoKey is doing just that. An InfoKey is a small circular piece that attaches to the middle of your segway handle bars. It shows your speed and the amount of juice the battery has on your segway.

Seriously though, the safety specs are great and the fact that they take the time to show you the ins and outs of this machine is incredible. It is hassle and worry free!

So get over here to The Art Deco Welcome Center and book your segway tour today!
Happy Safe Riding!!!

-Tiffany M. Oharriz
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Calling all foodies!!! Five star dining on a beer budget, it’s a gastronomic feast!08/04/2011
Calling all foodies, near and far…. Spice Month is here! You know what that means, yummy food, and The Spice Kick Off Party. The kick off was 7/28/11 and of course one of us Welcome Center Foodies had to go. While I (please note my head, is in fact hanging in shame) had no idea this event was launching it’s 2nd kick off, my boss certainly did. Now even though I was one of the sad few who missed this amazing event, I still get the pleasure of introducing you all to this yummy and fab deal. Let’s start with the basics, according to my boss it was awesome and pictures do speak a thousand words, so I wasn’t surprised that she had invited our amazing photographer and The Welcome Center’s very own 7 language girl, Monika Zdziebkowska. The price for the kick off was $50.00 for general admission and $125.00 for VIP ($75 GA at that door and $150 VIP) and those who went left stuffed to their noses.

Anyway, I hope you didn’t think that was the end of Miami Spice… cause that was only the beginning. This month, about 136 restaurants are participating and the price couldn’t get better. For Lunch you pay $22 and for Dinner you pay $35, included in this price is a 3 course meal at one of the participating restaurants, drinks are not included. The event lasts August thru September so you better get your “grub” on while you can!

-Tiffany M. Oharriz
Five star dining on a beer budget, it’s a gastronomic feast!

Didn’t you hear me, Spice Month is HERE!

For More Information including a list of venues participating come visit us at
The Art Deco Welcome Center
1001 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139

I know all you foodies are hungry now so what are you waiting for 🙂

P.S. Check out the pictures by Monika Zdziebkowska below

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WEAM (World Erotic Art Museum) The Naomi Wilzig Collection07/20/2011
While it looks as if it’s tiny, this museum located on the corner of 12th and Washington right above the Starbuck is truthfully 12000 sq ft with 20 different rooms with art ranging from biblical to contemporary, Pompeii to Picasso. There are 4000 pieces in total, 1000 painting all valued at 12 million dollars. Because some of the pieces are more graphic then others the museum only admits visitor 18 years old and up, at $15 a pop.

Contrary to what many think Erotic art does not equate to anything pornographic. Each rooms center around a particular theme, or era. And the art exhibited in The Weam, date back to some of the earliest works of art; a lot of the sculptures and art work have been around for centuries!

The first piece I was shown on the tour was the first erotic piece Naomi Wilzig collected. The quick summary of the story I was told was that her son asked her to find a ‘racy’ piece for his apartment so that his friends and himself included had something interesting to look at. While it turns out he didn’t really like the piece, she loved it, and thus began her collection of Erotic Art. One of my favorite rooms was the African Treasures room, which focused on the fertility aspect of erotic art, with pieces such as a sculpture of a pregnant woman’s stomach. And ironically enough some of my favorite pieces were based of her favorite theme, Leda and the Swan from Greek Mythology. As the story goes Zeus fell in love with a beautiful woman named Leda and impersonated a swan to seduce or rape Leda on the same night she laid with her husband King Tyndareus a result of their coupling Leda laid to eggs and Helen( later known as the famous and beautiful Helen of Troy)was born.

In my personal opinion the pieces were both beautiful and amazing, and well worth the $15 you’ll spend to get in. I was in art heaven, and I’m sure one visit or tour of The Weam will change any if not all of your preconceived notions of erotic art. And please remember Erotic does not mean Pornographic, erotic art definitely leave a lot to the imagination (it’s simple to tell the difference, erotic art makes you question what you’re seeing)

So come see us at the Art Deco Welcome Center find out more! 🙂